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Deadly Reckoning

Samantha Patrick loves her husband with all her heart. Andy is one of the good guys. His love and protection saved her from the nightmare in her past. It has been over thirty years but the fear has never vanished. Lately Sam feel as if she is being watched. Has their enemy found them? This story pulled me in from the first page. Samantha is an amazing woman. She's a survivor. I loved her strength. Andy is a wonderful man. He loves his wife with his entire being and he'll do everything in his power to keep her safe. I hated that she was brutalized and wanted her to find justice. The author has written a powerful story that is filled with unexpected twists. The characters are well written and likeable. I was drawn to Sam and Andy. I cared for them and didn't want them to suffer anymore. I loved the beauty of Land's End. It may seem peaceful but danger surrounds them. I wanted closure, but I fear that the perpetrator has not been vanquished. This debut novel by S Frontz is impressive. I'm looking forward to more stories from this author.



Painful Secrets

Samantha Patrick thinks she’s found the perfect life in Land’s End with her sheriff husband Andy. The only downsides are the nightmares that remind them both of a horrific incident from 1978. Sam and Andy think they’ve moved on, but unknown to them, people with a decades-old grudge prepare to take their revenge. What should have remained hidden rears its ugly head in their modern-day haven.
This is not the typical cozy or amateur sleuth mystery I usually read. There is graphic violence and gender-based violence that will upset the sensitive. However, Frontz handles the scenes in a straightforward way as a family reveals painful secrets and finds healing

By Catherine

This book is awesome!!

This book pulled me in from the first word!! I enjoyed it so much, the characters were great!! Love!! Love!!

By Paula Hobbs

This book is absolutely amazing! There are so many twists and turns that it leaves you on the edge of your seat; I can't wait to see what else the author has to offer!


Great crime fiction novel by a new author! I enjoyed getting to know her characters and rooting for them while hoping the villains got what was coming to them. Love the beach setting! I look forward to reading more books by this author.


By Kristen Houghton, best-selling author A Cate Harlow Private Investigation series 

Format: Kindle Edition

When Morning Comes is a wonderful, fresh debut novel with real, likable characters for whom the reader will feel instant empathy. The story unfolds in details that held my attention and allowed me to envision the people and setting easily. The flashback sequences add depth and interest to the story of Samantha Patrick, a woman who holds a secret. Well-written and solid first book.

Christy Rankin

it was amazing

Awesome book. Great characters and story. I highly recommend it

Another Homerun by Frontz

If you’re looking for action in your serial killer reading stack, be sure you’ve added Don’t Look Back, Book 2 in the Land’s End series by Sherrie Frontz. In the first 5 chapters, I had already fallen in love with co-protagonist, Kellyn Grindstaff, and found her plight in life realistic and relatable in every aspect. It’s always fun to wish good things for the heroine of the story, but Kellyn and her best friend’s mom, Sam, have wonderful sympathetic pull on readers heartstrings from the first page.
The way Sherrie Frontz has woven the characters’ motivations and resulting power punch action at every turn kept me flipping page after page well into candlelight hours. I happily lugged my iPad onto the commuter train to work every day and couldn’t wait to read what happened to the characters I had grown fond of in the earliest chapters of the book.  Unlike many novels, the “middle sag,” where characters jump from diner to bar to the office just for book filler, is delightfully missing.  The 2nd Act carries the heavy burden of appropriate pacing with each new twist, which adds to the suspense factor quite nicely.
I would be remiss if I left out Kellyn’s fantastic new love interest who portrays the type of strong gentleman with a pinch of bad ass that women want to love and men wish they could become. The sparks that fly between the two of them add to the story line in a way that beefs up the serial killer issues that cannot be ignored by important characters in this delightful novel. But like all romantic endeavors, theirs is not without realistic and necessary tension and turmoil that could deeply impact their future together.
I am not a fan of spoilers, so I won’t be guilty of it here today.  However, just know that the ending is not something I will easily forget. In fact, it leaves me wondering how fast Sherrie can write the next book in the Land’s End series.  I’ll be first in line to pick up my personal copy! I’m delighted that I found this author on the Mystery Thriller Week website.

By Sherrie Marshall

The Evil Returns

This book is the second in The Land's End series by S.W. Frontz. Samantha is in a fragile emotional state after her kidnapping and assault by Matt Ruiz. She's retreated into a shell. Andy, her husband, is afraid that she will never let him close to her again. Their daughter asks a friend to help. Kelly Grindstaff has the experience and knowledge needed to help Sam, but with her comes an obsessed stalker. Suddenly all hell breaks loose and everyone is in danger. I was pulled into this book from the first page. The non-stop action and unexpected twists kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters are well written and I felt a connection with them. I wanted them to be safe and happy. I was glad to reconnect with Sam and Andy and see how they dealt with the trauma, but most of all I want to see justice served. Matt Ruiz is evil and needs to be stopped. Land's End is beautiful and tranquil. It was the perfect stage for this dark drama. I enjoy the writing style of this author. She has a way of making her characters come to life. I'm looking forward to the next book. I need closure.

By Rosemary

Building terror, old terror revisited, FBI, Crime Lord. What more can one ask? Add family and friends standing together, old love, new love and a multitude of law enforcement individuals against a serial rapist - murderer. A splendid book. I want the third one to come out soon.


3.0 out of 5 starsThe story is a good one; full of the things I enjoy in ...

BySian Clavenon May 21, 2017

Format: Paperback

When the Morning Comes
Book One in the Land’s End Series
S.W. Frontz

When the Morning Comes is my first review for TBB; suggested by TBB Maniac Sian; who is quite knowledgeable about my literary likes and dislikes. Without the benefit of a front cover to entice me; I started reading this book two weeks ago (whilst still contending with life in general) and although it took a little while to get into the book; at the end I find myself pleasantly surprised with this story.

The story is a good one; full of the things I enjoy in a book; murder; revenge; family plots and secrets; a little bit of police investigation; I will be reading the second book in the series soon.
My criticisms (constructive not meant to malign) are that this does seem to be a “first” book for this author; she doesn’t seem to have found a rhythm just yet and as a result the reading tends to feel like just that; you are reading a story; when I read Stephen King (My Favourite!!); I never feel like I am reading a story; I always get so engrossed in the tale being spun around me that I sometimes seem to wake up from a daze and reality has to re-assert itself; for me; that is the ultimate reading experience.

The writing in this book unfortunately didn’t induce that feeling in me; in the beginning it felt like a chore but once the story started picking up; I was able to successfully ignore the “story reading” aspect and enjoy the tale.

The dialogue in the book is also quite disjointed and it does tend to “pull” you out of the story as you are reading; making you have to re-read certain lines just to get the gist of the conversation; I hope this is something the author improved on in the next book.
The story jumps around a lot from the present day to the past and it seems as though there is a bit of confusion here and there in the book about times; perhaps something the editors may have overlooked.

My final criticism is on the language in the book; being a stickler for grammar; spelling and punctuation; I find there are a few too many errors in this book; perhaps based on my assumption that this seems to be a “first” book; the next book in the series will have improvement on this score.

Overall; I would give the author a 3 out of 5; it is a good story; just with a few bumps and humps to overcome.


it was amazing

Interesting story, wish I had started with Book one first. I won it in a contest and it was a good read.

4 out of 5 Stars from TBB, May 28, 2017


Sian Claven

This review is from: Don't Look Back (Land's End Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

Don’t look back is the second instalment of the Land’s End series; I enjoyed the story’s progression from the first book in the series, I must confess and I am eagerly awaiting the third book (based on the last paragraph; I am expecting a third book).
The author has introduced a few new characters and brought back the much liked old characters; and the story flows well from book one to book two; continuing with the murder and madness that I so enjoyed in the first book.
The author definitely improved in the writing of the second book; the book was better edited; still not perfect; but much better and the writing style has improved; I didn’t feel so much like I was reading a story in this book and I was able to get into it a lot quicker.
The dialogue pieces also improved dramatically and reading this book was a much better experience all round; perhaps that can be observed in the fact that I read the book over a weekend.
The timing aspect has also improved; the author did not employ the same style for timing in this book and as a result the timing in the story was a lot more successful.
Don’t Look Back gets a 4 out of 5